April, who resides in West Sacramento, Ca. with her wife, three children and her fur babies, is a professional photographer with a passionate ability to capture the unique qualities of those in front of her camera. She uses her creativity and imagination in all aspects of her work to create meaningful images for families as precious keepsakes. She found her passion for photography with her first cell phone that had a camera. From there she began taking landscape photos then quickly morphed into the world of portrait photography when her younger kids started modeling. Finding that she had a knack behind the camera she decided to further her education and went back to school to study photography.

Since then she has found her style, which is just to have fun and create those candid style images we all love! Each client who has been in front of her camera has always ended a session saying they had a ball, some have even said that it was more of an experience rather than a photo shoot. April always aims to have a blast and keep her clients comfortable and happy during each of her sessions.

Shooting for a local magazine I have been able to meet so many families along this journey and I am truly blessed!